Here are the weddings more or less as they happened throughout 2015 ...

Brittany Jo & David 7/3/15

So we have started! Bittany Jo and David were married, organised by Val and Mireia, in the Castell d'Oliver in the Maresma overlooking the sea. It was a perfect day, especially considering it was March. My son Biel came along and ended up presenting the bride and groom with glasses of Cava at the end of their ceremony, there is always something to do at a wedding. Brittany Jo and David had one of those "just the two of us moments" with me tagging along and saying all the right things at all the right moments (hopefully). It was great and they were very happy with their moment, as were all of those present: my son, Mireia, Ricardo the photographer and me!

©Ricardo Zamanillo:
©Ricardo Zamanillo:

Eva and Raoul 16/5/15

The tramuntana blew, the place was Tossa de Mar, in the Rosamar ... but we all held on to our seats and it was great. They were a lovely couple and their families and friends were very good holders. Altogether a great day! This is what they said about the wedding ...

Eva and Raoul sent me this photo, they said that it summed up the whole thing.
Eva and Raoul sent me this photo, they said that it summed up the whole thing.

Katie and Simon 13/6/15

What a great place, the Malcontenta near Palamos, and what a lovely wedding. Simon had told me some months before about Katie's large feet and how endearing it is when she trips. I couldn't resist putting it in the ceremony. Simon was red faced but Katie loved it and managed the whole thing without a trip and, as you will see below, looked beautiful.

Aideen and Cormac 25/6/15

"The Coolin" was played by Kevin, Emma read, Ben had the rings and Cormac came in to what I think was the music of Game of Thrones! Aideen was beautiful and all went very well. They married in Can Ribes, a beautiful place I have only ever done one other ceremony in but highly recommend. Once again beautifully organised by Val. A fun couple, and I imagine a swinging party tonight.

Kristin and Joan 5/7/15

Korea meets Catalunya in Mas d'Osor, fabulous. This was half in Catalan and half in English with the whole thing translated into Korean! Now that is a first, all happy and all felt catered to. Joan BTW is a Catalan man's name Jo-an as apposed to Joan!

Zehra and Daniel 10/7/15

Great couple, living in Dubai, Turkey meets UK in this case so started with a Hosh Geldanis and carried on with a welcome. They held their wedding in Almiral de la Font which now has a great new part for ceremonies, highly recommended. 

Carlota i Miquel 11/7/15

This time totally in Catalan and Spanish, 6 readings (a record) but great to see so many people involved. I even had to read for Miquel's father who said he would simply cry his way through what he had written. I insist that Carlota is waving to me in the photo rather than shooing away yet more paparazzi!

Shonna and Sam 13/7/15

This was "just the two of us" with Veronica the photographer in tow! Held in the Parc del Labarint just near the waterfall that started up when we were half way through. All the way from Toronto Sam and Shonna organised a beautiful day for themselves which they were finishing with a Michelin starred dinner for two! Not bad eh ...

Marie & Eirik 16/7/15

This was it, my chance finally to say something in Norwegian in a ceremony and what aplomb ... "Marie, tar du Eirik som din ektefelle …", you can probably imagine what that means. The wedding was great and their son Benjamin brought in the rings like a trooper. 

Sometimes it's hard to get the perfect picture!

Natalia & Eduardo 17/7/15

Now this couple wanted everything in Spanish and they wanted to laugh. Well that sounds easy and, in the end it was. They gave each other bracelets instead of rings with the inscription "hasta el infinito y mas allá" ... and that was where they are headed. BTW I re-met an old friend there, Anthony, the first time I have seen a cartoonist invited to draw the guests ... here is his web.

Lucy & Michael 19/7/15

It's been a while since I saw a groom dance up the aisle at the end of his ceremony to the music of Gangam Style ... but that is Michael for you. Lucy was gorgeous and all went very well, I think that they enjoyed their big day, they invited me to stay on but it was near the beach and the heat this summer in Catalunya is too much, I had to decline and have my first swim of the season!







 Mr. Gangham Style aka Michael ...

 ... and happy Lucy.

Minnie & Paul 21/7/15

Talking of heat, Minnie and Paul got married at 3pm in the Casa Felix in Olivella. This was organised by Val, not the time, she would never do that! I strongly urge those who might be reading this blog looking for ideas for their ceremonies not to marry at midday in July or August. Admittedly we are in the midst of a heatwave which seems to be cooling off slightly but 35/35º is the norm at the moment. Having said that Minnie was beautiful and cool and Paul was nervous but kept it all very much under control. 

this is, without a doubt, the very worst photo montage you will ever see. It was though the best that I could do after a fabulous wedding.

Jane & Mark 26/7/15

“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!!!!!” and this one did. Mark is a professional golfer and Jane and he met at her classes. They sent me fabulous material and the ceremony went exactly as it should. As you can see they had the perfect Barcelona backdrop for it all and thoroughly enjoyed everything. It was held on the terrace of the Duquesa de Cardona, a hotel on the sea front of Barcelona where Mark had originally proposed to Jane. They have a great roof terrace which they will rent out, either partially or wholly to couples, an idea for anyone looking for a city venue. 

You will find what they wrote about their ceremony here.

Carly & Oussama 3/8/15

That was lovely, it really was. This is clearly a couple who decided that they wanted to do things the way they wanted to do them. It was a country house near Vilafranca, very nice but not an excessive amount of frills, chairs in the garden and lots of fun and banter before the ceremony. They seemed moved and surprised by the wedding ... what more can you ask for, a smashing couple!

Joni & Kristian 8/8/15

A lovely couple and their 2 children, after years together they took the plunge! Barcelona too and though not torrential it did rain. This though in Norway is a good omen (pragmatic) so all's well that ends well, or better said, starts well!

Clare & Paul 12/8/15

Another wedding in Cal Mingo, another bride and another groom, two more children ... but just to show that nothing is ever simply just another one ... this one was great. there were tears, Clare read a poem, Barbara, the mother cried too, Paul wailed ... PERFECT! It really was special, though, even though I do this sort of thing often, especially throughout the summer, they all are, sounds strange but you will simply have to believe me. 

Marie-Ange & Ángel 15/8/15

This was a wedding in Spanish with some French and some Catalan. For those of you who live here you will know of Turróns Vicens, "el turró, turró"! Well this is the man behind that. They were/are a lovely couple, lots of fun, lots of Bye Bye Brazil, 2 kids, a great pool and all together and great future. It was a pleasure to form part of one of their most important memories. A ceremony that came to me through GAU catering, people I have worked with many times and who have always left me wanting to stay and eat ... but I simply do the ceremony!

Carole & Sam 26/8/15

Carole and Sam married in Mas Terrats, an incredible venue. If you are going to marry in the woods however, make sure you wear decent shoes for the trip! That are a loud couple who really enjoyed themselves, Carole's comments to her mates on the way down are totally unpublishable! Fortunately the ones they sent to me are, you will find them here.

Once again organised by Val, all brill and a great day up near Figueres.

Linda & Gerhard 29/8/15

What an incredible couple, as I mentioned in their ceremony "they may not be loves young dream" but 15 years together have taught them that a Puma and her man should always be close. They are remarkable and organised the wedding exactly how they wanted and imagined it, right down to the full moon and their chiringuito on Garrafa beach. It really was an honour to be part of it all.

Jürgen & Katrin 31/8/15

In the middle of Lleida this was an Austrian/Bavarian ceremony all the way down to the lederhosen! Lovely couple, sorry about the table that I sat on! I think that the picture says it all. 

Iria & Toby 4/9/15 and 5/9/15

Should this wedding really be here? I didn't conduct the ceremony though might have interrupted once or twice! All in all though I have never worked so hard on a ceremony in my life: MY WEDDING. After all the years of conducting them I finally took the leap myself! The beautiful Iria and I married not once but twice, in the style of the great old Ivor Culter song, it was a blast, full of emotion and love and friends and family. It might sound like I am drumming up business but I highly recommend it! We were married on Friday by my very dear friend Caspar, someone who I highly recommend for conducting ceremonies (I would only pick the 2nd. best), then again on Saturday by his alter-ego, a well oiled priest from North Yorkshire (not too sure he will be around long enough for too many ceremonies). Thanks to all my friends and family for their love, help and support and for making a weekend that Iria and I will never forget and will warm our winter nights here in the heart of Catalunya.

Sofia & Jofre 12/9/15

In the beautiful botanical gardens of Blanes Sofia, Dutch, and Jofre, Catalan, held their beautiful ceremony organised by Veronica. Half in English and half in Catalan this was a lovely ceremony, I think it was slightly affected by the emotion high I was on after my own wedding a few days before but it was warm, intimate, spectacular (Jofre's entrance dancing his mother down 84 steps) and fun! A great day.

Becky & Tom 18/9/15

I thought that I was never going to get the vows from Tom and Becky, mad last minute mails and an account that simply didn't want to receive! But we made it and a great day was had by all. A smashing couple seen below with their respective fathers, all very pleased and the weather beautiful in the wonderful Cal Mingo.

Hannah & Ben 19/9/15

Hannah and Ben got married in El Convent in Begur. What a venue, all organised by Val and Mireia. Hannah said to me as I left that the ceremony I had just done totally was not only the one she wanted and dreamed of but also upheld her decision to hold a non religious humanist ceremony. What more can I say, all totally perfect!

Kate & Ed 26/9/15

I didn't get a photo! After all the time and the calls and the trying to make calls and the re-scheduling calls and and and ... I didn't get my snap. Ed was sooooo nervous and Kate was beaming. They did wonderfully, great family and friends and all the bridesmaids with sunflowers and lovely green dresses ... have to describe, you might never see it! A pleasure all in all.

Jenn & PJ 28/9/15

Belgium meets the US of A and this is what it feels like. They live in London, married in Spain, come from all over, a truly international affair. I have to admit that there was not enough room for me, PJ and Jenn's train, great, we moved to accommodate! The music was stunning, thank you Gavin Buckley, and the venue, the Castell d'Empordà was perfect.

Christina & John 30/9/15

This made history, this was epic, this has never been done before! Christina and John renewed their vows. They have been together for 10 years and have two boys: Owen and Cooper, to show for it. Last renewal was in Las Vegas so this time they wanted one better. No, I didn't dress as Elvis and sing them through it. Rather they decided on the first truly torrentially rainy day in Tibidabo! Barcelona's fun fair was closed down for bad weather, shrouded in cloud and long faces all round except in Owen, Cooper, John and Christina's faces! It was all something to behold, it really was ... and lots of smiling and laughing along the way!

Eunice & Eghosa 8/10/15

New York meets Nigeria in the wonderful Almrial de la Font. A great day, Eghosa read his vows from his phone and insisted that he didn't check out his Twitter account at the the time though mysteriously his vows did only seem to have 120 characters! A fun day was had by all!

Sophie & Jonathan 10/10/15

Back in Olivella, seems to be my second home this autumn. Sophie and Jonathan had a fabulous crowd there to share their day, there was a song, two guitars and a couple of readings. They seemed very happy and all pointed to a party to be remembered. Steve, the best man was a little worried about the number of laughs during the ceremony and hoped he could keep them going throughout the night, he seemed to on top of it though. 

Veronica & Joeri 11/10/15

Holland and Spain ... they met on internet and form something very cybernetic they made something very real. Married in Masia Can Oliver all went well and they seemed very happy.

Sara & Jason 18/10/15

That is Sara as in Zara not as in Sarah! It only escaped once and she did give me a nudge ... but apart from that all good. Jason was left at the alter about an hour waiting for the entrance but when it came it was well worth it, not to mention that any sign of bad weather had well and truly passed by the time we started. Beautifully organised by Saskia at Clubhouse 27, Can Parès.

Susana & Peter 18/10/15

Oh no, no photo! Susana and Peter were over the moon with their ceremony. They had the perfect backdrop of the Castell de Sant Marçal. Venezuela and the U.S. of A. were joined, Catholic and Jewish we had blessings and mazel too and glass breaking and English and Spanish ... altogether lots of mixes! All great.

Anita & Matt 28/10/15

When I married we played the song "Ens ha costat deu i ajuda arribar fins aqui" as my beautiful bride walked up the aisle, and there was definitely something here too! It has taken them some 20 years to get to where they were on 28th but it looked like it was well worth the wait! Congratulations!  

Here you will find their comments on the ceremony ...

Emma & Nick 31/10/15

Well this, I think, is it!!! The last wedding of 2015, Nick and Emma married on the lovely deck of the Almiral de la Font near Sitges. A perfect early autumn day, some great people and Nick's brother piping them in and out. It was all pretty much perfect and they seemed to love every minute. 

photo by Manuel Tomayo
photo by Manuel Tomayo




Happy rest of 2015 and see you next year!!!!!