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398 weddings since starting this blog in 2013 (every one of them has at least a few words in past years section) ... and a fair few before

Just a quick note ... after 10 years of adding and adding to this blog I have been told that I have saturated it with photos and they won't let me upload anymore so from now onwards (mid 2022) all the photos of the weddings will be on my Instagram @tobyweddings ... well worth a look.


I'm Toby Harper and I have been working as a humanist minister/actor on weddings for many years. I am based about an hour away from Barcelona in Spain though I have married people symbolically all over Catalunya, up to France, throughout Spain and even in Morocco. I have carried out ceremonies in English, Spanish and Catalan, and have added bits and pieces in German, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese and French, not to mention at least a welcome in Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Serbian, Farsi or Hungarian among others. As I am sure you can imagine, many of the ceremonies I have conducted have been in a mixture of languages and nationalities.


This page is constantly being updated with the latest news from weddings just carried out and what is upcoming, a few photos (though I have been told I cannot do that anymore so now just put pictures on Instagram @tobyweddings), some videos (though they are difficult to post since they must pass through YouTube's censorship and couples often do not get music rights so if you would like a video just ask, I have a couple I can pass on) and any readings I come across that I think might be of interest to other couples as well as ideas for vows or rituals that can be included in a ceremony or ideas on venues or musicians or photographers and so on.


Please note that the humanist/symbolic ceremonies that I conduct are not legally binding, they are, more often than not, a precursor to an official wedding or in the majority cases following one that has already taken place. Having said that the couples who choose this type of ceremony consider it to be their "big day" with a wedding all about them, surrounded by those they love in the beautiful Catalan countryside. 


If you would like a quote for the ceremony please get in touch by clicking the link just below or giving me a call. If prices suit I will send a blue print to start the wheels in motion. Having had a look at my ideas we would then organise either a meet or a Skype/FaceTime/WhatsApp/Zoom chat and start to look at details ... after that comes the time for your input! You will see that I ask for as much detail as you are willing to give to try to craft a personal and very individual ceremony that could only be yours. Please feel free call at +34 652453508 or via WhatsApp, or send a mail to soctoby@gmail.com. 


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