Here are a few comments from some of the couples I have married over the years...

A couple of years ago I came back from a meeting with a couple in Barcelona that led to their wedding which was perfect. While we were chatting something came up and they told me that I had been recommended by another couple that they had met in Hong Kong where they live! This is far from being the first time this has happened, I have had enquiries and later carried out ceremonies for couples who I have been recommeded to while in Singapore or Edinburgh, I have married brothers and sisters (on different occasions) and so on. That same couple who heard about me at a dinner in Hong Kong invited their friends to the wedding and I later married them, this time in Marrakesh! I had another wedding in Sant Emilion, France, for a couple who were at a wedding I did in 2016.  


What I love is the way that sometimes this world seems so small and that a couple can be having a drink with friends in a bar somewhere in Singapore or Hong Kong or wherever and they simply say ... aha, you are getting married in Catalunya, you must get in touch with Toby. That is the sort of recommendation that goes further than what is below, nonetheless what is below is really important to me, so here it is ...

Angel & David 12th October 2019

Angel and I are so lucky to be introduced to you as our wedding officiant.
You relieved us of a lot of the the stress of planning a destination wedding in Barcelona from our home in Toronto, Canada.
It was lovely to meet with you in person back in May just to get an idea of what's involved.
Then came the Skype chats and countless questions from Angel and I.
All this time, you gave us the freedom to do what we wanted while making sure the whole ceremony still flows smoothly with all the important bits.
(Not to mention keeping the surprise for Angel).
We couldn't wish for a more perfect ceremony with the perfect blend of authenticity, emotions and humour.  
All the best in 2020 and we look forward to have coffee with you the next time we visit Barcelona.
David and Angel

Nicole & Christopher a year ago!!!

This letter had been left in Nicole's draft box and only arrived a few days ago so, though it is about their wedding from last year in Marroco, I decided it had to go to the top ... also ... what a crit! Had to be here

Testimonial for Toby Harper


As a wedding planner myself, I had high expectations for our wedding ceremony. Without hesitation, Toby did more than what we have asked for! It was fun, memorable, meaningful, filled with surprises and emotional, all at once. He exceeded our expectations with his unique, heartfelt ceremony. It was interpreted the way we would have dreamed of. 

We found Toby were reliable to work with, with total trust and he made brainstorming about a creative blessing ritual a nice project together. 

All we wanted was a fun and memorable ceremony and Toby didn't just do that, he was able to have all the future brides ask him to officiate too. All our guests, from young to old have found the ceremony beautiful, fun and engaging.  


Thank you very much for making our wedding so special, xxx Nicole & Christopher #LetsFEIT2018 

CLAIRE & DARREN 1st November 2019

Their WhatsApp: Toby, what can we say? Everyone just loved the ceremony so much. They really enjoyed how personal it was and how hilarious you were 😂 you couldn't have done a better job. Just brilliant. Thank you so much Toby, it was a pleasure to have met you.

Megan & Keith 23rd August 2019

This was Megan's mail ... lost for words:


Honestly where to begin. You were just brilliant and it was all perfect! Although our first encounter was at the top of the aisle I did actually feel like I knew you and you us. You made us both feel so comfortable, loved and happy.
I know when we read testimonies on your website that said how great you were, I didn’t realise how true they would be. Nearly everyone mentioned what an unbelievable job you did. It was the perfect balance of funny, entertaining, definitely tugged a few heart strings and official enough to make it seem like we married only there and then with all our guests before us.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. 
We would be more than happy to write a piece for the blog or if any words from this email were good enough to use to portray your worth on the day.
Thank you, thank you...thank you!
Megan & Keith 

VICKY & ALAN, Parc Sama August 14th 2019

It was a wonderful day and you did a fantastic job. You put us at ease and everyone kept saying how brilliant you were as a celebrant ( I think some of my friends that are getting married in a religious ceremony is re thinking their options haha). I loved the personal slant, humorous but also romantic elements to the ceremony...everyone loved it and I was not nervous once you started speaking. It will always be a day I will remember I just wish I could do it all again and take everything in!!!

AURELIE & JOAN, Castell d'Empordà, July 6th 2019

They sent such a fabulous mail that I just had to put it here ... so here it is ... 

Hi Toby ! 

It took us a while to come back on earth but here we are. 
It was so special, so unique. I can still hear your voice, telling our story to our loved ones as a fairy who came true. 
We heard so many good things about you and how glamorous was our ceremony thanks to you. Some said it was even better than in the movies. 
It was a real pleasure to have met you and it was even better to have you by our side for this great moment. 
Thanks a lot, from the bottom of our hearts, for your kindness, your availabitliy, your flexibility, all the tears of love we had, and your smile. 
We hope your benevolence stays with us all the way. 
Have a lovely day, 
Kindest regards, 
Aurélie & Joan
(PS : you may use all the words you want!)

Nancy & Ken, Sils, June 22nd 2019

Their WhatsApp as was:

"Toby, we cannot thank you enough for the ceremony you put on. Everyone thought you did a stellar job, and your confidence, ability to communicate with everyone and willingness to help with every aspect kept me and Nancy and from losing it. We also appreciate that you came into town to meet with us. We could not have asked for anyone better. Thank you again and take care!"

Jess & Jack, Casa Felix, June 15th 2019

THANK YOU so much for delivering a stunning ceremony for us. 
We will remember the day forever and ever and feel very very happy you were able to be a part of it!

Steph & Mike, El Principal Barcelona, June 10th 2019

Their WhatsApp after the wedding: 

Hello Toby I hope all is well. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you from the bottom of my heart . You set the tone of our wedding and so naturally made me feel at ease. Everyone said your are an amazing individual who is as unique as this city. Thank you once again and hopefully see you soon as we love popping over to Barcelona as much as possible . Best wishes Mike and Mrs Martyn

Jess & Damian, mas Cabanyes May 25th 2019



We finally are back in NYC after our honeymoon. We wanted to reach out and tell you how much we loved our ceremony. Our friends and family kept saying it was the best ceremony they have ever been to. Everyone laughed and cried – it was the perfect mix and we couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you so much for making our day so special!


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Jess and Damian!


Sean's Comment:

Toby - thanks so much for making our day stand out above the rest.  We'd hardly met you before the ceremony but you captured our love for one another in your words just perfectly.  It was a joy to have someone so enigmatic and who could deliver a ceremony so well.  You struck the perfect balance of emotion and wit.  We couldn't wait to give you a hug when it was all done as you simply blew us away.  The guests too haven't stopped talking about the ceremony you delivered.  Our picture with you after the ceremony says it all.  Thanks again - we're still reeling x


These were their whatsapps that arrived today, the day after their wedding:


Rebacca’s WhatsApp:


Toby thank you so much for yesterday. You made the day beyond special for us. Every single person , bar none, commented on how wonderful your ceremony was. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. You really were so wonderful and made the day what it was, memorable and amazing. You were a massive part of that. I hope we can stay in touch xx


 Matt’s WhatsApp:



There wasn’t a single person who didn’t mention what a wonderful, thoughtful and well presented ceremony yesterday was. Thank you ever so much for making the day more special- you’ll always have a place in our hearts and it would be lovely to meet up in the future over a drink. Lots of love and thank you, thank you, thank you.

Katie & Kris, SITGES SEPTEMBER 1ST 2018

Hello Toby,


We would like to thank you once more for the wonderful ceremony you held for our wedding.

This was truly exceptional and we feel very fortunate that you carried out this ceremony.


Thank you once more, it was all great!


Katie + Kris


This is their WhatsApp, as is:


Hi Toby, I hope you are keeping well and still cooking 😁 we just wanted to tell you how amazing the ceremony was from the beginning to the end it was absolutely perfect.. so many people spoke to us afterwards on how special you made it and from the bottom of our hearts we thank you very much 😊 you made our day perfect.. we are currently reminiscing on our two week anniversary in Dubai wishing we could do it all over again!! ... the winebox is stocked and ready to go for the 1 year anniversary! Many regards, Lee and Gemma

Mariona & Michael, CASTELL D'EMPORDÀ 28TH JULY 2018

We can't thank you enough for the fantastic ceremony you led. Without exaggeration, we must have heard from around 30-40 people how incredible the master of ceremony was and where we found you. Some people even enquired whether you would also fly in for some events! Seriously best feedback ever. Perhaps the most important feedback comes from us as the couple though - we felt totally comfortable and enjoyed every second - massively appreciated!

Michelle and David, Castell d'Empordà July 15th, 2018

Julie & Victor, BARCELONA 19TH JUNE, 2018

Thank you so much for yesterday. We had such a good time and have spent the day looking at pictures and goggling over everything . After the ceremony we had an amazing dinner and spend some good quality family time together. You were wonderful and personal, and very heartwarming. Thank you so much for being a part of our special moment. I know we’re quite a crew but we all had a really great time. Thanks again, Julie

Rach and Xavi, La Baronia June 2018

"How about this for the blog...
We’ve had so many people (even 6 months later) tell us how great you and the ceremony where. You took something that can be quite sterile and impersonal and made it exactly what we wanted. Something personal, unique as well as great fun. Carefully mixing English and Spanish made sure all our guests felt welcome and included. We have such amazing memories and you were a big part of shaping that day. So thank you so much!
Also I hear you helped Xavi with his speech. Well you’ll be pleased to know he smashed it!
So just a huge thank you from us both.
Hope you have a lovely Christmas and 2019.
Rach and Xavi"

Cassandra & Luke, BARCELONA 10TH JUNE 2018


Wanted to say a HUGE thank you for our time!! It was honestly the best day of our lives; and you made it so easy going for us. I will send you some pictures soon… Elisa our photographer did an amazing job!! Next time we are in Barcelona, we will give you a heads up and maybe we can meet up for a few more drinks :)

Good to hear Sarnia isn’t that gross skin disease… thank goodness. Thanks for the info… Luke especially loved to know ;)

Keep well buddy… hope to see you again…. because we will DEFINITELY be back!!!

Cass and Luke

Holly & Daniel, TOSSA DE MAR 2ND JUNE, 2018

HI Toby.

I just want to thank you for making our special day magical.
All the guests have commented on how great you were. Not only did you go above and beyond you completely saved the day when we realised Aaron forgot his reading, luckily you had it written up.
Thank you again for making our day perfect. Holly and Daniel.

Brittany & David, MASIA EGARA 27TH MAY 2018

This is what Brittany had to say when all was done and dusted:



Thank you so much, Toby! It was such a pleasure having you officiate our wedding Sunday. All of our guests raved about you and the ceremony. :) David and I both feel you truly captured us as a couple — it was wonderful feeling that you had a real sense of who we were, and brought that feeling throughout. Again, thank you! 


We wish you all of the very best,


Brittany (+ David)


Lauren & Tommy, SANTA OLIVA 27TH MAY 2018

Their mails ... as were: 


Hi Toby,

Thanks again for everything, it was a perfect day. So many people commented on how great the ceremony was, you made it so personal and easy for us so thank you.


All the best and hope you’re wedding season goes smoothly!


Cheers, Tommy



Hello Toby,

Thank you for everything yesterday and keeping the guests entertained whilst I was late!


The ceremony was all I’d dreamt and more. Thank you 


Best wishes



Nicole & Chris, MARRAKESH 12TH MAY 2018

Their WhatsApp: 

Hello Toby! We are back in HK now since a few days, still recovering from jetlag but as well from the magical time of our life! 🙏🏽 actually, very very big ... you did an amazing job!! We loved the ceremony so much and you managed to make it so personal and fun! A lot of guests mentioned how amazing your part was!! We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! And separately thanks for being able to manage all my emails :-) I’m sure that some will keep you in mind for when it’s their turn, and we will happily refer you! 


Hope remaining days were fun for you and your wife!! Lots of love, Nicole and Christopher

Amanda & Karl, BARCELONA 30TH DECEMBER 2017

"Thank you so much for being you! You really did bring it all together and made the ceremony perfect: intimate, quirky and very touching. "


A massive thank you for a wonderful ceremony. I never doubted it would be fabulous and many people along the way who know you had said no matter what happened on the day, the ceremony trusted in your hands would be amazing and they weren't wrong. Our friends and family have commented on what a beautiful, personal and intimate ceremony it was and quite unlike anything experienced before. Even friends that we have known for a long time learned something new about us that day! And I think Aengus and I both learned something new about each other too! The whole experience was more then we could have hoped for and to have our marriage grounded in Barcelona was a dream. 



Toby was fantastic from start to finish!! After our initial meet via Skype we instantly knew we wanted Toby to conduct our ceremony. The service was so personal to us, our life and how we met. All our guests commented how unique yet fun the service was with some saying it was the best service they've witnessed. We particularly liked that parts of the service was conducted in Spanish. 
Thank you Toby. 
Annie & Lewis Anderson  


We wanted to say a massive thank you for conducting our ceremony! For both of us it was the highlight of the day and we have had incredible feedback from all of our guests. 
We loved the format and they way you told our story and the things we 'love' and 'hate' about each other - you made everyone laugh and cry in all the right places. And we loved the reading you did at the end. All in all, it was perfect. 

Pauline & Ralph, PINEDA DE MAR 26TH AUGUST 2017

When we decided to get married in Spain we wondered if this would every come together. We were so glad to have found Toby when we were looking for a celebrant to conduct our wedding ceremony. We had decided to organise everything and Toby was so helpful and guided us in the right choices and offered support along the way. The oppertunity to introduce interesting aspects of the ceremony were something we would have never thought about, we chose the box of wine with letters. 
We were so impressed by his knowledge of law, customs and language. 
The ceremony itself was beautiful, not rushed, with elements of fun and a little reflective sadness concerning people who couldnt be present.
We had a fly- past from a rogue paraglider which added laughter. 
Everyone had a wonderful time and commented it was the most personal and original ceremony and for some the best wedding they had been to.
A big big thanks to Toby.

Nikki & Anthony, CAN RIBES 31ST JULY 2017

Their mail ... as was
Hi Toby,
We can't thank you enough from the bottom of our hearts. It was the perfect balance and a pleasure to meet you. And all of guests commented on how amazing you made the ceremony. It's a tough day today as we are very sad it's all over. However every time we think of the shit hits the fan comment it's making us chuckle. You really played a part in making our day so special and anyone planning on getting married in Barcelona or surrounding areas must must must have you preform their ceremony. 
We are eternally thankful! 
All our love Nikki & Anthony.

Matt & Jason, TORRE DELS LLEONS 30TH JULY 2017

"Toby, we are so very grateful for the amazing part you played in our wedding. Guest after guest spoke to us afterwards to say how personal, entertaining and outright fun the ceremony was, and that's testament to how skilfully you conducted it - particularly given the extreme heat of the day, which you soldiered through commendably. It was so nice to get to know you before the day, from the various email exchanges to those drinks in Barcelona during one of our pre-wedding visits; it made the ceremony even more special and personal for us, especially as you weaved the various stories and anecdotes we'd shared with you into the ceremony so masterfully. The idea to have a wine-box ceremony was also a stroke of genius - something that none of our guests had ever seen before, but which they found so touching. Thank you for helping to make our big day so unforgettable. Un abrazo! Matt and Jason x"

Alessandra & Darren, CASTELL DE SANT MARÇAL 16TH JUNE 2017

Dear Toby

We have returned now from our honeymoon in Tuscany and would like to take the opportunity to thank you for a truly wonderful ceremony.

It was exactly what we wished for; personal, funny and heartwarming. Our guests loved it too and commented that this was the best ceremony ever. You added your own personal style and we really loved the end result, it was perfect.

Many thanks also for sharing the copy of the ceremony with us.

Thank you so much for making it so memorable!

A big thank you and all the best,

Alessandra & Darren

Roser & John, SOLSONA 10TH JUNE 2017

Dear Toby,


I can't thank you enough for your part in our amazing day. Your incredible good nature and professionalism allowed us a ceremony we couldn’t have even imagined. 

Every one of our guests were also full of praise for you and the way you narrated the ceremony. 

Many many thanks from myself and my wonderful new wife.





Kimberley & Gordon, SANT PERE DE RIBES 3RD JUNE 2017

We have to email to thank you so very much for making our ceremony so entertaining and memorable! All of our family and friends raved about you and a few of them went as far to say that it was the best ceremony they had ever been to!
You really were brilliant, I would recommend you to anyone! 
I hope the rest of your day went well!
Thank you once again!
Mr and Mrs Duncan


Their mail ... as is!!!


"Dearest Toby,

Now we have settled into a little honeymoon together, wow we are reflecting on our incredible day.
Toby I'm sure you hear this a lot but quite simply, you nailed that better than we could ever have imagined. The positivity that came out of everyone towards your style, delivery, humour  and sincerity was immense. Even my best man, absolute critic of critics, being a top London agent, was gushing with praise for the service you delivered.
Have a wonderful weekend no doubt bringing more dreams to life for future newlyweds.  
Yours thankfully,

Mr & Mrs Martin "


Toby, wow what a ceremony. Since coming back and catching up with our guests, everyone has mentioned you. 
"The ceremony guy was so personable,"
 "I've never been to a ceremony like it. It was like he'd known you you're whole life,"
"He was great. He got the right mix between humour and seriousness"
"How many skypes did you have to have to get it that great," (Truth is it was only 2!).  
Right from our first Skype chat, you instantly put Paul and myself at ease and straight away we knew we'd made the right decision. 18 months later, on the big day, we were just as at ease, and just as happy. 
We couldn't have asked for more. The ceremony was fun but serious where it needed to be and, most of all, heartfelt and personable. It felt it was tailor made for us, filled with love and personality rather than just words.
So, with all of our love, we want to say a big, BIG thank you for making our ceremony so perfect and more than we could have ever hoped for. 
Keep doing what you're doing - you're fantastic! 
Thank you 
Mr and Mrs Young ☺️ (Paul & Jen) xxx


Cristy & Ariel, PARC DEL LABERYNTH 18TH MARCH 2017

Wanted to say thank you for being a part of our special day, our ceremony was exactly what we wanted. The song playing in the background could not have been more perfect. Was a pleasure meeting you.
Wishing you all the best always,
Cristy and Ariel. 


"We want to thank you for delivering (I'm not sure if that's the right word?) an incredibly meaningful, intimate and joyful service. We were looking forward to the whole wedding celebration, and enjoyed it thoroughly, but for both of us the ceremony was the most wonderful part. I've been to numerous church weddings, and weddings in registry offices, and have become so used to the standardised/typical formats whereby the whole thing feels like a ticking box exercise before the real celebration, that I was quite blown away by how momentous and significant it was. I wouldn't have changed one thing about it and have spent many moments since thinking back to it with an overwhelming feeling of happiness. I'm sure you get this after all of your weddings, but pretty much all of our guests commented on how brilliant you were and how enjoyable the ceremony was - my sister went one further and moaned that she wished she'd had something like that for her wedding 5 years ago!"


Thank you so so much for such a wonderful ceremony. Many of our guests commented on how laid back and how personal it was to us which is not something you really find here in the UK. Needless to say, I think you will have a few enquiries if any of our friends do get married in the area! Thank you for all you did in preparation of the day; I know some of the information came to you a little later than we would have liked but the ceremony you gave was second to none. We can't wait to watch it back on the videos!



and this is something I found online from them: 

Describe the ceremony, what made it unique/special

Walking up to the top of the ceremony area and seeing all of your friends and family waiting and smiling is such an amazing feeling.
Toby our celebrant was amazing and was the highlight of the ceremony. Still to this day we have comments from our guests telling us how personal and relaxed the ceremony was. Toby managed to tailor it completely to us (with only a few Skype calls and emails to go by) and managed to make us feel completely at ease throughout. No nerves in sight.


I asked Nicole and she said I could add her mail here and it was too good an offer to pass up:


Hi Toby

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you so much again for your magical ceremony for Robert and I.
I had a feeling from our Skype calls that your ceremony would be fantastic and that it was,
Every single part of the ceremony was so personal and so touching. All of our guests commented on how brilliant you were and how you made everything so personal and about our story together,
They say that your wedding day is one of the best days in your life - And I truly agree with this but I must say our day would not have been as magical if it wasn't for you and how special you made us feel.
Thanks Again for all.
Nicole & Robert Keogh 

Mary Hall & Charles, CASA FELIX SEPTEMBER 13TH 2016

Their mail, I told them that no more feedback was needed, that this said it all ...  

Hi Toby! 

Well unfortunately we are back in the States again. I can't believe how amazingly perfect our wedding was and especially how wonderful you made the ceremony! I just read through it and the Blackbird portion literally made me tear up again - what a meaningful surprise and special moment - thank you so much.
All of our friends kept talking about how they wished you would hang out for the reception :) They all loved your ceremony and delivery. We had so many people tell us it was the best, most fun and personal wedding ceremony they had ever experienced. I keep reliving the whole experience in my head - wishing we could do it all over again.
Charles and I can't thank you enough for making our wedding ceremony so special and memorable. We really enjoyed getting to know you. We will definitely add feedback to your blog as well!
If you ever make your way to the States - let us know!
Best wishes,
Mary Hall


The ceremony was amazing. Everyone keeps telling us how it was the most personal and enjoyable ceremony there have been too and that you were amazing, which you most definitely were! :-) 
We can't thank you enough! 

Laura & David, CASA FELIX, AUGUST 2ND 2016

All our guests were gushing about how wonderful the ceremony was, and the 'best ever'......which obviously I agreed with!!


I hope you recovered from your vodka fig.....


Dear Toby,
While planning a wedding you get to learn a thing or two. Something we learned from planning our wedding is that the bride & groom usually do just that: plan. They know how everything goes (or should go), there's usually little to none surprises for them.
Which is a bit sad if you think about it... you know, after working so hard for their big day it is a pitty that only the guests get the thrill of surprises. But not with you around, you were our absolute favorite surprise of the evening!
Thank you so much for turning our special moment into something truly unforgetable. And for making us feel so special on our big day.
It was a wonderful ceremony. With people coming over from more than 10 different countries, having only met us twice and having received the bride's brief only 2 days in advance (Vanessa: I'm sooo sorry about that <3) we can guess it wasn't easy at all... But you managed to portray us perfectly, in a candid tone and with a spark of humour. It was like you'd known us forever. Seriously Toby, perfect, it blew our minds! 
We cannot think of anyway in which this ceremony could've been better. And the guests... We've heard so many wonderful things about the wedding, many said that it was the most touching ceremony they'd ever been to and -of course- we totally agree. We cannot wait to see the wedding video and -hopefuly- "relive the moment" while watching it. It was so beautiful, we get emotional just thinking of it. We cannot thank you enough.
Lots of love,
Vanessa & Ignasi

Tammy & Ramon

La Baronia 9th July 2016

Hi Toby,
We just returned from our Honeymoon a few days ago and still basking in the glow of our wedding, thanks in large part to the touching, funny and personal ceremony that helped to kick off an unforgettable night for us.
We feel lucky to have had you as our officiant, and "captain of our ceremony".  We appreciated the advice you provided to help plan the ceremony.  You did a flawless job of integrating the Spanish and Chinese cultures and traditions, and in both languages!  Many of our guests told us that one of their favorite parts of the wedding was the ceremony.

Karen & Conor

Mas Pau Figueres 15th July 2016

Hi Toby,

We have just arrived home from our honeymoon in Ibiza and I am finally getting a chance to sit down and mail you to say the biggest thanks possible for your part in our wedding last week. The ceremony was exactly what we wanted and more. It was the perfect combination of formal and personal thanks to your profesionalism and experienced, natural approach to the proceedings. A number of guests commented that it was the nicest wedding ceremony that they have been to and Conor and I of course wholeheartedly agree with them!  Thank you for your advice on the ceremony content and thank you for making us feel so at ease and comfortable on the day. I would jump at the opportunity to recommend you as a wedding celebrant for anyone getting married in the region. Sorry we didn't get a chance to have a proper chat after the ceremony we were whisked away to get photos but we wanted you to know how grateful we were for your part in the day. 



Rinki: I would just like to say how thankful we are that you could do our ceremony, everyone loved it and most of all us. We couldn't have asked for anything better or for ANYONE better for that matter, it was beautiful and is something we will cherish for the rest of our lives 

Michael: I'm sold! 😃

Yes Toby, everything Rinki just said, can't thank you enough, an absolute pleasure to get to know you.

Adele & Lee

Casa Felix May 24th 2016

Toby you captured Lee and I to a tee. Even though we had only met a few times through email and skype dates, you were able to tailor the ceremony perfectly to our personalities and likes. You were the perfect guy for the job, kept it light-hearted, personal and added the perfect depth. You listened to everything we had requested and added a wonderful flair. Our guests continue to talk about the wonderful personalized ceremony and the fabulous celebrant. 
We can not say thank you enough for helping make our day so special.


LABYRINTH D'HORTA, 23rd may 2016

Thank you again for everything. The day wouldn't have been the same without you, you made it very special for us.

diana & Brian

El far llafranc May 1st 2016

Dear Toby 
Words aren't enough to describe what we felt during our amazing ceremony. You were simply SUPERB!  Everybody was extremely impressed and were singing your praises for the rest of the day.  Many of our guests said it was by far the best and most personal they had ever been to.  Diana & I thought it was absolutely perfect, surpassing our highest expectations, you were terrific and really made our day what it was.

Anita & Matt (& Sebby & Zach)

Vila Catalina, 28th October 2015

We wanted to send you a huge thank you after you created the most funny, warm, caring, memorable and lovely wedding ceremony. It was truly the most magical setting with Villa Catalina as the backdrop for our fairy-tale wedding. The day was just magical aided by all the team at the villa to include Servais and Helena, Pip, Jo and Mingo the band guy!
But our thank you goes to you for making the ceremony so personal and joyous and for including our two boys so beautifully into the ceremony. You made it so magical, humerous yet romantic.... just perfect for us as a modern family. Our family and friends felt so honoured to be part of the intimate setting and they loved the idea of the signing of the nuptuals.

Hannah & Ben 

Begur 19th September 2015

Hi Toby!
I just read through your service again and it brought a little tear to my eye. What an incredible day.

I saw that you'd put something up for your website which looks perfect! As for the blog, we cannot possibly express how happy we were with the ceremony. It was one of the things all our guests commented on and we were so touched by how personal it was to us. I think it was the best ceremony any of us had ever been to. Bravo!
All our love,
Hannah and Ben

Becky & Tom 

Cal Mingo, 18th September 2015

"On behalf of Becky and I, we'd like to thank you so much for being our officiant. You did an absolutely magnificent job making all the guests (and us) feel extremely relaxed.

So many guests came up to us to compliment on the ceremony and in particular the job you did. It was relaxing, fun, funny and very us so thank you again for contributing to our perfect day."

Carole & Sam

Mas Terrats, 28th August 2015

"Toby was brilliant. Warm, friendly and funny, Toby helped set everyone at ease during the ceremony and helped settle a few pre-wedding nerves while waiting for the bride. The ceremony was perfect, Toby was funny and sincere and conducted matters brilliantly. We cannot recommend him highly enough, thanks Toby!"

Paul & Clare

Cal Mingo, 12th August 2015

Thank-you very much for making our day the happiest day in our lives...Your touch opened up the gates to dream land and your charisma, guided us through this uncharted territory. I wish life treats you well..

Jane and Mark

Hotel Duquesa de Cardona, Barcelona, July 28th 2015

"... thank you once again for a fantastic ceremony that many people have said was perfect for the occasion. It was just what we wanted and fitted in perfect with the relaxed, intimate feel for the rest of the day."

Zehra & Daniel 

Almiral de la Font, Sitges 10th July 2015

"When we first met Toby to discuss being the celebrant for our wedding we felt very assured by his professionalism and approach that he would do a great job. On the day, our ceremony was amazing! Toby was faultless and impressed all of our guests. We did the wine box ceremony which so many people said was a lovely idea. As a celebrant, I sincerely doubt that you could find anyone better."

Katie & Simon

La Malcontenta June 2015

We wanted to thank you so much for being part of our day, your approach made it so unique, enjoyable and something we will never forget. We had so many comments about you afterwards-everyone was very impressed :) 

Eva & Raoul

in Rosamar, Tossa de Mar, May 2015

"A friend who also had a humanistic wedding said he liked your wording very much, especially this part: "by the confidence vested in me by...."

It was perfect and without you the day would not have been possible!! You have a wonderful way of doing the ceremony, light and funny but still very meaningful and personal - the perfect balance!"

Chris & Niel

in Almrial de la Font, Sitges, 18th October 2014

“We knew from the moment we met Toby that he was going to be fantastic, and he certainly didn’t disappoint.  His warmth, humour, sincerity, and relaxed nature ensured our ceremony was everything we could hope for.  Six months after the big day and our guests are still commenting on what a great job he did and how lovely he was; his words and manner were one of the highlights of the day.  We couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

Helena & Servais

their beautiful house in the Garraf, 4th October 2014

We both had a fantastic day and can't stop talking about it. I think you did a great job and am all happy! :)
Many of the guests said it was the best ceremony they've seen. We'll done!

Jemma Lia & Robert

in Bello Recó, just outside Barcelona September 6th. 2014


I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for such an incredible ceremony! It was just perfect. We both loved how personal and funny you made it whilst keeping it special and romantic. Everyone came up to us after and said it was the best ceremony they had ever been to and how fabulous you were. Should you ever need us to give you a testimonial we would be more than happy to do so!"

... I thought the mail said it all, and a bit more, so no need for a testimonial!

Nisa & Michael

The rooftop of the Ohla Hotel 28th August 2014

"I cannot Thank You enough for this evening. Is was quite emotional for us both.., you made it very special."


This was a renewal of vows 10 years on held with just the 3 of us.

Angela & Adrian (alias Stick)

Parc del Laberint d'Horta, Barcelona 27th July 2014

"Ours was a simple affair, but of great significance nonetheless. We had always dreamed of a perfect and personal ceremony where we promised our love to each other forever, held in a magical location somewhere in Spain, a place we will always be in love with. Even though it was just the two of us, your attention to detail, gentle manner and good humour made us feel very special and we knew that we had chosen the right path. It was such a perfect day and you were the perfect celebrant.

Thank you Toby. 

A+++ Would get married by you again :-)"

Sara-Jane & Peter

Masia Cal Mingo July 28th 2014

"The ceremony was fantastic.  We loved your style and character which made it feel very special. Lots of friends and family remarked on how personable and charming you were. 

All the best for the future

Sara-jane and Peter"

Lisa & Will

July 11th 2014 Convent de Blanes 2014

Everyone commented how wonderful you were, both the evening of the wedding and in conversations after the day.  You did such a great job incorporating what we had communicated via phone and emails to make the ceremony really personal and special, and I loved that it was light hearted and so happy as well.  You very successfully captured the nuances of us and our relationship in a way that our family and friends felt a part of, so thank you for that!

Vicki & Wesley

In Masia Ribes, Gavá, June 29th 2014.

The whole day was amazing, thank you for doing such a wonderful job, it truly was fantastic. Everyone commented on how great you were and you really put us both at ease. It was lovely to have the Spanish flavours in there too!!

Lyndsey & Lewe

In Sol i Vida, Barcelona in June 2014

We got married in Barcelona in June 2014. We initially had a different officiant, who informed us 2 days before that he couldn’t make it but already had contacted Toby to be his replacement. We believe sometimes things happen for a reason, as the ceremony couldn’t have been any better. Toby came to meet us in Barcelona prior to the wedding and wanted to know as much as possible, already making more effort than the previous officiant. The ceremony itself was just wonderful. Toby conducted it with so much passion that he was able to create an emotional yet happy atmosphere for our intimate ceremony. His ability to work different languages into the ceremony was greatly appreciated and even though he said German is not his main language to conduct ceremonies, we thought his German skills were excellent and greatly appreciated. If we had known Toby before we would have never looked elsewhere and can strongly recommend to use Toby for any type of ceremony.

Rhona & Richard

In Almiral de la Font May 2014

Hi Toby, thank you so much. You were great!  It really went well and you definitely helped create a relaxed environment and keep our nerves at bay. Also loved the way you incorporated what we had to secretly say about each other with a great touch of humour.

Valery & Casey

On top of the Ohla hotel in Barcelona - October 2013

I hope the remainder of your 2013 was sparkling. You really made our little party in October fantastic. It was a joy to have you celebrate—our guests were raving after you left.

Lukas & Mujo

On the beach in El Vendrell at the start of summer 2013

Toby was a crucial part of our ceremony at the beach of El Vendrell, Catalunia! We already met with Toby a couple of months before the wedding to get aquainted. He asked us how we met, what we liked/disliked about each other as well as other relevant information to incorporate in the ceremony. Also we e-mailed a couple of times prior to the big day and Toby crafted a blueprint of the wedding ceremony. On the day of the wedding, Toby delivered a really exciting ceremony which most personal and tailored to us. Also, he added a great sense of humor! Several of our guest complemented on the great ceremony and mentioned explicitly Toby.
Thank you so much!

Tony & Jen

Park Guell Barcelona July 2013

Planning a wedding in a place you've never been to before from across the world is one of the more challenging things one can attempt. Just when we thought we might never find the right officiant for us, we found you! From our first Skype date we were smitten. Thank you for taking the time to help us plan, dealing with us as we wavered back and forth on details and then again when we were an hour and a half late to our own ceremony. ;) None could've handled it with as much grace as you. As for the ceremony itself, it was exactly what we had hoped for... comfortable, fun and perfectly personalized to suit our wishes for the day. 
Thank you for helping us to create this beautiful memory.
Jen and Tony

Xavi & Mireia


Montseny February 2013 ...

 Toby, we are without words to thank you for your care and concern for us on our wedding day


I still remember how our guests were so impressed by you ... Thanks to  your sensibility, sympathy and "savour fair" everyone felt part of our ceremony and was deeply moved, making it something very personal throughout.


We could not have had anyone better to carry out our wedding, thank you so much for being a part of the best day of our lives.


Toby, no tenim paraules per agraïr-te tot el teu carinyo i el cuidado mostrat cap a nosaltres el dia del nostre casament.


Encara recordo com la gent deia lo molt impressionats que van quedar amb tu… Gràcies a la teva sensibilitat, simpatia i al teu saber fer vas aconseguir que tothom s’emocionés i es sentís involucrat, personalitzant en tot moment la ceremonia d’una manera PRECIOSA e INMILLORABLE.


No podríem haver tingut ningú millor que ens casés, moltíssimes gràcies per formar part del dia més maco de les nostres vides.

Michelle & David

Olivella, July 2012

"The most special part of our wedding day remains our magical ceremony. Toby made sure our wedding was romantic, witty and meaningful. It was wonderful, all our guests have commented on what a beautiful ceremony it was. Behind the scenes and throughout the organisation before the big day Toby was really helpful and responsive. Thanks for a spectacular start to our married life Toby :)"

Cindy & Hendrik

France May 2012:

"You are so natural and just added so much humor and life to our wedding ! We are sure that every one of our guests will never forget our wedding with you as part of it." 

Laura-Marie & Connor

Mas Xipres August 2012

"It was great to meet you finally.  Thank you for a wonderful ceremony.  Our family and friends, as did we, thought it was perfect and very emotional.  Thank you again."

Ewa & Piet

MasXipres – 1st September 2012

“Thank you again for this beautiful ceremony. You can plan as much as you want, but one never knows how it will turn out on the day itself. Well, it was beyond our expectations and we really loved every single minute of it. So did our guests. Some of them asked for your details, so they can get in touch with you for their own wedding! No better compliment than a satisfied audience! Whenever in Amsterdam, you are always welcome.”